• With Japan patent, nanoair generates *OH has similar effect as nanoe™ in Lexus
  • OHpenetrates into the carpet, sofa, and various fiber products to inhibit allergens and deodorize
  • Operation without noise, ultra-quiet quality
  • Effective in anti-mildew, antibacterial and PM2.5 removal
  • No filter needed, in other words, no consumables
  • Ozone free that decreases driver’s discomfort
  • OH attaches to skin and hair to keep them hydrated
  • Power-saving and light-weight design allows for easy installation at blower intake
  • Approved by CE, FCC, VSCC, SGS certifications

*OH, also known as hydroxide ion, reacts with an H+ ion to form a water molecule (H2O).

>>3 Models for Different Spaces<<

【P1】Suitable for small space, like elevator and car

【P6】Suitable for public transportation, like bus, coach, and train

【N310】Suitable for interior space, like room, suite, and office



VSCCnanoair VSCC

SGSnanoair P1 SGS